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Hi there and welcome to the World of Animated Gifs.  My friend and I just decided to make a site just of animated gifs just because we have already done our separate web sites and we wanted to make another site.

Anyway, we hope to have TONS of animated gifs once we are done, and just a section explaining what the heck animated gifs are.  We'll most likely get the animated gifs up first, then the technical stuff.   I want to research more on it is all.

So, just click on a section of which animated gifs you wish to see.  And, use anything you want, and in return, just link to us.  That shouldn't be too hard, should it?

Please sign our guestbook and visit our personal web sites! Enjoy your stay!

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That's all we have at the moment.  There is going to be more later.  This is just a quick start.   Come by again and see if there is anything new.


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